What is CNC Machining?

CNC Machining or Computer Numerical Control Machining refers to the automation of machine tools. The machines are controlled directly by a

CNC engraving aluminum design

CNC Machine engraved aluminum

computer running user generated code. This kind of control allows for the accurate, repeatable and precise machining of parts.

CNC Machining is preferred for a wide variety of applications:

a) One of a kind prototypes

b) Production runs of several of the same part

c) In place of manual machining which can be too slow or inaccurate.

How can CNC Machining help you?

If you currently pay employees to manually machine parts you may be losing money.

CNC Machining can cut labor costs down to a minimum, reduce errors, and increase precision.

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Precision CNC machining is especially necessary if you need your component to properly align with another component or assembly. You will need consistency to ensure your product performs as desired. CNC machining is always consistent and can provide repeatability and tolerance manual machining just can’t.

Even for odd shaped one-off parts that you may never see again, CNC machining can speed up the process. All you need is a sketch or a physical part. We can digitize nearly anything and prepare a digital model ready for automated CNC manufacturing.

View our gallery to see example of components we can CNC machine.

Examples of what we have done:

Plastic Component Fabrication for the brewery industry.

Plexiglass panels for decorative and utility use.

Instrument Cluster Panels for boats and vehicles.

Retail displays made from wood, aluminum, or plastic.

Some examples of our work.

Posted by Maximum Prototyping on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

CNC Machining in Victoria BC